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Monday, August 20, 2018

Summer Interns Learn the Ropes

This summer, Breaking Ground welcomed three high school interns to learn more about our work and gain hands-on career experience in Human Resources, Housing Development, and Housing Operations and Programs.

The program, developed by HERE-to-HERE and Futures + Options, matches junior and senior high school students from the Bronx with companies and organizations working in a diverse array of industries. Though none of the students came into the program with knowledge about supportive housing, all three interns left Breaking Ground as advocates of our mission and work.

Meet Joelisse

Joelisse interned with our Housing Development team, learning what it takes to build a building from the ground up. Hers is the first class from her high school in the Bronx to participate in Futures + Options, and she previously interned with the campaign of New York State Senator Gustavo Rivera.

“I gained real insight into what goes into making a community here. It’s really amazing how housing can help people return to society, and how everyone at Breaking Ground is focused on helping people feel welcome. Visiting the Garden Party at the Hegeman, and meeting tenants there, was one of the highlights of the summer for me.”

Meet Janelly

Janelly came to her internship with a clear goal of launching a career in human resources, and was perfectly matched to Breaking Ground’s Human Resources department. Janelly is a natural leader, and got the opportunity to hone some of her skills over the summer.

“I learned that taking care of employees can have a real impact on the work they’re doing, and makes a difference. Being a leader, and leading well, helps people succeed. I think my favorite part was seeing how meeting with people on an equal level can help solve problems and makes people feel like they were heard.”

Meet Tyreque

Tyreque came to his internship with an interest in real estate, and was matched up with Breaking Ground’s Housing Operations and Programs team. Though he was unsure of it at first, encouragement from his sister helped him stay with the program, and he was glad he did. Among his group of friends, he was the only one to sign up for Futures + Options this summer.

“I think this summer has helped me see how important it is to prepare for your future. I’m proud of myself for sticking with the program. I learned so much about all of the work that goes into helping people come back from homelessness. Seeing the bigger picture has really helped me think about what I want to do next.”
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