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Tenant Success Service

A home is a new beginning. It opens possibilities in your life. It’s where you and your family feel safe. The secure place to which you return at night, and from which you start your day in the morning.

A home makes you feel that you belong, not only in your home, but also in the world. It allows you to change and grow, to find a purpose and become part of a community. At Breaking Ground, we believe that everyone deserves a home.

When a person moves from a homeless shelter to their own apartment a new life begins. The moment when we hand over the keys to an individual, or a family, and see them enter their new home for the first time, is what inspires us. Nothing is more beautiful or fulfilling than seeing the renewed sense of dignity and hope that having a place of your own can provide.

We understand that big problems require big solutions. We are constantly finding new ways to work with partners, and we are constantly creating new ways to meet each client's needs. Big problems are made of many smaller problems, which is why big solutions must be made of many smaller solutions.

The transition from living in a shelter to being a tenant naturally involves many changes. The new tenants must navigate all kinds of challenges, small and large, that are part of moving to a new home and beginning a new life. And we all know how small challenges can turn into overwhelming obstacles when we have no one to ask. When we feel alone and lost, and the system designed to help us seems so complex and confusing that it appears to be working against us.

This is the reason Breaking Ground created the on-site Tenant Success Service. A service that brings our skills and expertise to a building to help tenants succeed in their new lives. Our Tenant Success Specialists know how to solve problems before they turn into much bigger problems. They do their work with compassion, patience, and persistence. They have earned the respect and trust that are required to help.

We know that our solution makes financial sense. And we know that everyone benefits from tenants’ success - developers, management companies, staff in the building, neighbors, and the entire community.

When we come together to solve the problem of homelessness, we restore our hope and humanity. We make our city a better place to live. When no one is left behind our world feels bigger and yes, more like a home, a place where we belong, and where it’s possible to begin again.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to our Tenant Success Team.

Current Partners:

  • Artimus NYC
  • BFC Partners
  • Durst Organization
  • East Brooklyn Congregations
  • Related Affordable