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Success Story

Joanne Marie

Found an affordable home at The Prince George.

After marrying in 1993, Joanne Marie and her husband moved to a three-bedroom row house in Glendale, Queens. At first, she was thrilled to have so much space, having lived in a tiny one-bedroom in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood for 12 years. Unfortunately, the “honeymoon” in the new roomy apartment didn’t last long. 

Joanne’s neighbors had an infestation of bugs and other vermin, which quickly spread to her apartment. The neighbors were related to the landlord, so Joanne’s efforts to fix the problem were in vain. Coping with such horrible living conditions was a daily nightmare. She began missing Manhattan and longed to go home.

Then she and her husband made the painful decision to separate. Joanne was “suddenly a girl in need of an affordable Manhattan apartment—a nearly impossible feat now that almost all of Manhattan is gentrified.” When she began her apartment hunt, she was nearing the end of her modeling/acting career due to a disability. Not only did Joanne require inexpensive rent, but she also needed a place that could accommodate her increasing medical ailments.

It was a daunting task, but then Joanne remembered a Sunday New York Times article about a struggling actress and her $500-a-month studio apartment at Breaking Ground’s flagship building, The Times Square. Joanne contacted Breaking Ground in 2006 and requested an application for space in one of their buildings, with The Prince George being her first choice. A few months later, Breaking Ground contacted her for an interview, and soon she was signing the lease on a bright, bite-sized studio at The Times Square.

Three and a half years passed, and an apartment at The Prince George became available. 

“It felt as though it had my name on it and that I was fated to live there. I started moving in the very same day. I was so looking forward to turning my new abode into a beautiful and comfortable home.”
Joanne Marie

Joanne has been extremely happy at The Prince George. She has made many good friends and joined the building’s art community by exhibiting her photographs at the annual Prince George art show. “The Prince George literally gave me a new lease on life.”