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Opened in January of 2022, the Seafarers Safe Haven provides transitional housing for vulnerable street homeless individuals. At any given time, Seafarers provides immediate and safe accommodations for 100 street homeless individuals on the path to permanent housing.

Safe Havens are “low-threshold” resources: they have fewer requirements, making them attractive to those who are reluctant to accept shelter. There are no curfews and more privacy. A client can miss a night at the Safe Haven without losing his or her bed, as they would at a traditional shelter.

But fewer restrictions do not signal a hands-off approach. Safe Havens offer intensive case management, along with mental health and substance abuse assistance, with the ultimate goal of moving each client into permanent housing. Safe Havens are, thus, a crucial harm reduction/Housing First resource to enable the most entrenched chronically homeless, who have extreme reluctance to leave behind their unsheltered lives to accept help.

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Seafarers Safe Haven

123 E 15th St
NY, New York
Open ing 2022| 100 Units